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OOOOO Community Guidelines

OOOOO is a social eCommerce platform that combines shopping, entertainment and community and as such it is vital that we positively engage members and create a safe, enjoyable environment for everyone.

We are a video commerce platform and our live shows are a spotlight for brands and products therefore it is necessary for all interactions to centre around the live shows content.

Our Community Guidelines define a set of norms and a common code of conduct for all OOOOO users to ensure these objectives are met. These guidelines, along with our terms of use, provide guidance on what is and is not allowed on the platform, with clear outcomes for any and all violations.  These guidelines are constantly reviewed and updated.


These guidelines apply to all of the following:

  • Comments posted during any live show (in any language)
  • Comments posted on any creator video within the OOOOO app (in any language)
  • Comments made by any person who appears on a live video split screen with a host during a live show (in any language).



The OOOOO platform is open to users aged 12+, so the language used in comments must be suitable for the younger audience.

Do not make/post comments, or create a username on the platform, that contains:

  • Expletives or swearing


Harassment and abusive behaviour

We believe in an inclusive community and encourage all users to be able to express their opinions without fear of abuse.  We do not tolerate presenters or members of the OOOOO platform being shamed, bullied, or harassed by other members.  Please be mindful of your interactions as harassment and abusive comments not only disrupt the show and spoil it for other viewers but can also cause psychological distress for the recipient and will therefore be dealt with accordingly.

Abusive behaviour includes threats or degrading statements intended to mock, humiliate, embarrass, intimidate, or hurt an individual, brand or product.

Harassment is to annoy or trouble someone repeatedly. We will not tolerate any member of the community targeting any other member of the community, presenters or OOOOO team and harassing them for any reason whatsoever.

Do not make/post comments that:

  • Insult another individual, or disparage an individual on the basis of attributes such as intellect, appearance, personality traits or hygiene
  • Encourage coordinated harassment
  • Aim to harm or intimidate
  • Question others on their view or opinion
  • Discriminate against others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, serious disease and disability

Any harassment or abusive behaviour (as set out above) made towards presenters or members of the OOOOO platform on other social media platforms (such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok) may also lead to action taken by OOOOO as set out in the ‘Consequences’ section of these Guidelines below.


Disruptive and nuisance behaviour

We classify disruptive and nuisance behaviour as any actions that distract from the main content. Our live shows are designed to be interactive and entertaining for all members, however disruptive and nuisance behaviour can often ruin this for the majority of users and be uncomfortable for our presenters. We will take action if we deem any behaviour to fall under this classification.

Do not make/post comments that are:

  • Not relevant to the content of the show – including political views and statements
  • Repetitive
  • In capital letters (particularly if used with the intention of gaining someone’s attention)
  • Directed at a particular person and not relevant to the show
  • Are regarding customer service issues – please contact for all customer service related issues


Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment involves unwanted or inappropriate sexual behaviour directed at another individual. We do not tolerate any comments or advances, that sexually harasses others, regardless of user’s intent, as such actions can cause great distress to targeted individuals.

Do not make/post comments that:

  • Attempt to make unwanted sexual contact
  • Simulates sexual activity with another user in text (including emojis)
  • Disparages another person’s sexuality
  • Reveals, or threatens to reveal a person’s private sexual life including threats to publish sexual history, and names of previous sexual partners
  • Expose, or threaten to expose a person’s sexual orientation without their consent or knowledge

If you are invited and/or accepted to join a live video split screen with a host during a live show, you must not:

  • Commit indecent exposure (such as flashing, exposure of genitals or committing sexual acts)
  • Engage in any indecent acts or behaviour that OOOOO regards as lewd, obscene or of a disgusting nature


Threats of hacking, doxxing, and blackmail

Threatening to hack or dox with an intent to harass or blackmail another individual can cause serious emotional distress and other offline harm. We define doxxing as the act of collecting and publishing personal data for malicious intent. We consider these online behaviours as forms of abuse and do not tolerate them on our platform.

Do not make/post comments that:

  • Threaten to reveal personal data, including but not limited to residential address, private email address, private phone number, bank statement, social security number, or passport number
  • Include a photograph of someone that is used without their permission or in a derogatory way.
  • Incites or encourages others to hack or reveal another person’s personal data
  • Reveal an individual’s account or personal data for others to abuse, troll, or harass


Threats and incitement to violence or harm

The safety of all OOOOO members is at the core of our values and we take safety matters very seriously. As such we do not tolerate any threatening behaviour or incitement to violence/harm on the platform. We define incitement to violence as the advocating for, directing, or encouragement of others to commit violence.

Do not make/post comments that:

  • Reference violence
  • Encourage violence or dangerous behaviour
  • Threaten to harm a person, group of individuals or property
  • Glorify any form of self-harm

If you make/post a comment alluding to your own personal safety or the safety of another individual, we may be required to report this comment and provide your account contact details to law enforcement to ensure your safety and wellbeing.


Impersonation, deceptive behaviour and false information

The OOOOO community is built on the basis of real people expressing real opinions. For us to continue this view we need to have trust and honesty in all members. As such any user found to be impersonating, engaging in deceptive practices or distributing false information will be in breach of this guideline.

Do not make/post comments:

  • Pretending to be someone you are not
  • With the intention to spam
  • That spread false information that could cause harm or be considered malicious

Users found to be creating multiple accounts with the intent to deceive or defraud will have all linked accounts suspended pending the outcome of a full investigation.



If you violate any of these Community Guidelines we may notify you and may take the following action dependant on the severity of your non-compliance with the Guidelines. Such action will be at our discretion.

  • Remove your ability to comment on live shows
  • Suspend your account for 7 days
  • Ban your account/device from accessing the OOOOO platform
  • Where applicable, or legally required, notify law enforcement

If your account is banned for violating either our Terms of Use or these Community Guidelines, you will not be authorised to use the OOOOO platform again, and any attempts to set up new accounts under other usernames and/or contact details by you will be declined or blocked. Whether you will be directly informed of the banning of your account shall be at OOOOO’s sole discretion. We are under no obligation to provide you with an explanation for the banning of your account.

These Community Guidelines are for the benefit of the whole community on the platform, so we urge you to take them seriously and honour them in the spirit in which they are intended.


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